Transcend DDR4-3200 RAM For Laptop 32GB

Transcend DDR4-3200 RAM For Laptop 32GB

Transcend’s JetRam memory modules are manufactured with true ETT grade, brand-name DRAM chips that have passed Transcend’s strict screening process and testing. The modules provide excellent compatibility and fully-tested reliability, which is ideal for PC upgrade at an attractive price. Each memory module is rated at 3200 MT/s to greatly increase data transmission efficiency by higher bandwidth of up to 25.6GB/s. Operated at a nominal voltage of just 1.2V, Transcend’s DDR4 SO-DIMM JetRam memory ensures that both operating temperature and electrical load on the memory controller can be reduced in order to save up to 40% of energy compared to standard DDR3 modules offering 1.5V.

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