RAPOO XR200 Laser Wireless Presenter

RAPOO XR200 Laser Wireless Presenter

The XR 200 Touchable Page Turning Pen is a versatile presentation tool with a 2.4GHz wireless connection, enabling seamless control within a range of over 30 meters. Featuring a Type 3R laser with a 650nm wavelength, it offers precise pointing over distances exceeding 100 meters. This lightweight and portable pen, with a matte aluminum alloy body, includes 4 keys for laser, page-up, page-down, and hyperlink functions. It supports multitasking window switching and multimedia control. With a capacitive screen pen design, it is compatible with various tablets and computers, supporting operations on Windows, MAC, and Android platforms. The pen includes a built-in lithium battery and supports Type C port charging. Suitable for diverse software in office environments.

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