Lenovo Legion 5 Intel Core i7-12700H 12th Gen 6GB Graphics Card

Style and savagery pushed to the limit

The prowess you showcase… The foes you overcome… The teammates you inspire… The awe-inspiring things you make happen when gaming lead directly to the incredible things you do in life. Lenovo Legion celebrates that, and serves as the epic conduit bridging both worlds – the irrepressibly Stylish, and the indomitably Savage.

Complete Your Build

It takes more than just the power of a Legion laptop to dominate, that’s why our engineers have molded the finest competition-level PC gaming accessories to pair with your Legion laptop – style to match your PC, ability to match your skill.

Stay on task. And on target.

Legion Ultimate Support is the new devices to keep you on top of your game at work during the day, and unbeatable in any lobby at night. Upgrade your standard warranty for customer support service geared toward gamers specifically.

Processor : Intel Core i7-12700H 12th Gen
RAM: 16GB Ram
Storage: 1TB SSD NVMe
Display: 15.6″inch WQHD Display
Graphics: 6GB RTX 3060 Graphics Card
Other Features: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera
Operating System: Dos
Warranty: 01 Year Local Official Warranty


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