Genius Kids Designer Graphic Tablet

Genius Kids Designer Graphic Tablet

Creative Nourishment for Growing Imaginations! If your child is between the ages of 3–8 then they are in their formative years of right brain development– the pivotal hemisphere of the brain that dictates the artistic and creative capacity of an individual. So why waste an opportunity to nurture their blossoming artistic aptitude in a fun, user-friendly and engaging way? The Genius Kids Designer 5″ x 8″ graphics tablet is the perfect digital outlet for your little ones to express their creativity, whether they choose to doodle, draw, paint or write!

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  • Fun and easy to use graphics tablet specifically designed for children from the ages of 3-8.
  • Includes enriching educational software for developing your child’s creativity as well as such pivotal learning skills like color and shape training, memory retention, logical thinking, geography, arithmetic and responsiveness ability.
  • Accommodating 5”x8” working area features a whimsical and cheery theme to inspire your child’s unbridled creativity.
  • Pen clip design provides a convenient and secure storage solution for the tablet pen when it’s not in use.
  • Large enter key allows for instantaneous access to a multitude of exciting educational games.


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